Cases Of Cognicentric Bias

Back a few hundred years ago, the "Age of enlightenment" Folks had a field day invalidating Shamanic reality models of "The Four Elements." They proved that there were many elements, generated a periodic table, and congratulated themselves for showing what idiots the Indigenous folks were. There is only one problem. Science ended up stealing the same reality model, renaming it, and pretending that there is no connection. "Earth, Water, Air, And Fire" are the Linguistic equivalents of "Solid, Liquid, Gas, and Plasma."

Amusingly enough, Plasma was a latecomer in the model, which is why it usually isn't included in elementary school textbooks. (If anybody asks, there are potentially several other states of matter which can occur in high gravity or spatial distortions, bringing the real total up to about 10.)

The Dominant Paradigm still pretends that it is way smarter than those idiotic primitives, but the fact of the matter is, it took an extra 150 years for them to tack on "Plasma"; Their reality model wasn't even as complete as the Shamanic one was for that long.

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Note that fire is not a plasma.