Dominant Paradigm Science is the Science which is accepted by, and clung to, by the assorted Establishments of Science. Dominant Paradigm Science has in general been submitted to exhaustive analysis, and most of the Dominant Paradigms are for the most part correct. However, even the Dominant Paradigm has its share of Junk Science and sacred cows.

The dominant paradigms largest fault is that it is slow to look at, or integrate, other useful ways of doing things. This is particularly tragic as in the case, for instance, with "Modern" Medicine, which because of its heavy Christian bias, invalidated the assorted medical sciences of tribal and indigenous peoples. Before the Christian armies killed them all, there were Shamans in the Americas, In Africa, and in Europe with highly evolved and very practical medical Sciences, and specifically, Herbological Pharmaceuticals. The Dominant paradigm of Medicine has now become run by a cabal of people who make money selling drugs. Because of this bias, natural herbs and indigenous practices are seen as a competitor, not a contributor to the body of scientific knowledge.

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