Glass Ceiling

For the Purposes of this Discussion, The Glass Ceiling is that invisible boundary past which Science supposedly has no more answers. This is an artifice created by the political and economic expediency of producing those answers for public consumption in a way that continues to benefit the oligarchy.

For instance, the rotary turboprop internal combustion engine, which could have driven gas efficiency down to about 100 miles to the gallon as early as 1960. The industry still pretends that it is doing everything it can for research, but this is patently false. What they are doing is profiteering from keeping gas guzzlers on the road. In response to Ecological concerns, Car Companies in the 1990s invented a new gas guzzling type of vehicle, the SUV. The winning formulae was a message to those watching closely; "We can market a gas guzzling vehicle by appealing to family values." Was the silent Roar of the Car Companies.

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