Herd Psychology

The problem with the dominant paradigm is that because it dominates, it excludes other voices.

The ways in which the dominant paradigm force its perspective are sometimes very subtle. Education Establishments, Media establishments, and Social Establishments, as well as Religious Establishments all work together to create protection for the dominant paradigm.

In the sciences, this becomes most manifested in a form of Glass CeilingIn which certain Science problems or issues are deemed to be without any current solution, when in fact, Alternative Science Solutions do exist.

For instance, the standard model definition of Aids says that there is no Cure. However, the Virus like most Viruses is very susceptible to increases in body Temperature, and repeated exposures to Hydrothermally induced Fever can significantly reduce the number of living viruses in a patients system. This never makes any publications, Because Hydrothermally induced fever isn't a pharmacuetical drug that can be proffited from. The Industry has assumed that the only viable solution will be its own, and that it will be a "Drug" Style Solution. More importantly, Hydrothermally induced fevers would counter too many other cash cows of the Pharmacuetical industry, including Flu, Staph, and Athletes Foot.

The Media establishment, The Science Establishment, and the Educational Establishment all end up working in concert to keep this information from becoming public knowledge. Herd Psychology keeps the millions of people who would benefit from digging a little deeper from doing so. Herd psychology is thus literally Fatal, in the case of many Aids patients.

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