Pack Psychology

In Wolves, Pack Psychology manifests as three main roles which are taken on by different members of the Pack.

  • 1. Alphas, who lead the pack, are aggressive, confrontational, and who take the direct approach.
  • 2. Betas, who follow the risk taking Alphas, defer to the Alphas, and who thus have a higher survival rate but less opportunities for breeding.
  • 3. Deltas, Who orbit the pack from outside like an Electron around a nucleus, who take very indirect or surprise attack routes versus prey, and who are antisocial to the pack.

In Humans, this behavior is more evolved, but more or less it is the same pattern.

  • 1. Alphas, Who use threat, intimidation, coercion, manipulation, and so forth to stay in charge of everybody else...
  • 2. Betas, who defer to the Alphas...
  • 3. Geeks, who have better things to do with their time than play mammalian brain mind games.

Pack Psychology is relevant to us because the Dominant Paradigm is very much like groups of packs, with Alphas protecting the Paradigm itself, and with any form of coercion being used to silence Omegas, free thinkers, etc.

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