Paradigms are conceptual constructs or Schema which we as humans create to describe reality. All of Science, Religion, Politics, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, And so forth are based on assorted Paradigms. A Paradigm is generally an internally consistant set of ideas or Axioms which describe some features of reality. The problem with Paradigms is that they are inherantly mental Constructs, the map is not the territory.

Paradigms go through constant evolutionary struggles, and old paradigms may evolve or die, depending upon their usefullness and veracity. Alternative Science is particularly interested in challenging the Dominant Paradigms of assorted disciplines. In this sense, Alternative Science could be thought of as assault upon the Dominant Paradigm, calling for its evolution or Death. This problem leads the Status Quo protectors to omit potentially good science out of bias in favor of the Current Dominant Paradigm.

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