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Science of Mystery


Science as it is today (w:2009) follows an ontology of w:causality where we search how one action or existing fact in the real world is (usually necessarily) followed by other actions or events. Current science, and especially the field of w:emergence is deeply invested in discovering patterns which evolve from former conditions.

But most of today's scientific methods are concerned only in the direct emergence of one phenomenon following another. Various meta-phenomena such as order and symmetry, kinetics and entropy have been researched and defined statistically for the macro evolution of these, given enough time and enough "volume". But there is very little discussion, if none at all, on the development of phenomena previously dispersed and hidden in former conditions, and none at all on the influence of predicted events, or of expected reality on evolving reality.

The 'Science of Mystery' or 'Meta-Emergence' focuses on the affect of teleological expected events on reality and on the importance of latent facts to the current world condition, in all fields of scientific research, including physics, biology, history, and science itself.


As a simplified example, let us consider earthquakes. They are a natural phenomena, with a seemingly sound scientific explanation - yet to be completed, but currently comprehensive and agreed. But what about the affects of each earthquake. They cause changes in the course of history. For example, because of false beliefs, nations have changed the course of their behavior seeing the earthquake as a "heavenly" sign. But the changes are facts. And facts which repeat themselves. Myths have a way of directly affecting actions, with the story of Mexico and Montezuma coming to mind.

Another example would be a frog catching a fly. Science pieced together the history of evolution of the frog, until it reached the stage where it can explain why the frog is perfect for catching flies, why it lives in the water, why flies come to the same water, how the frog brain and fly brainlets work etc. But there is no research into the far off facts. Not whether there was any indication when the fly was first born that it would be eaten by this particular frog, and not into the effects this case may have on anything outside the interaction - for example if the fly happened to be the last living specimen which had some deadly virus in it, that could kill some other animals. But there IS a moment when science agrees to come into focus. Let us contemplate the moment that the fly enters the frog's range of sight. Presumably the fly will detect the frog, and do some diversion (or perhaps just randomly throw in a diversion movement). The frog is then calculating INTO THE FUTURE and reacting according to an expected location of the fly. If the fly is caught we say that the evolved frog "algorithm" was successful. Can we step a little back in time, and start the process, the minute the frog entered this area of the puddle? Was this all just a statistic, or were we looking at the real world?

Meta-Emergence will record and check these naturally recurring facts, come up with a comprehensive explanation and establish a body of rules, which can be verified or rejected.

Theory Basics and TermsEdit

Two of the basic terms that will be used in Meta-Emergence will be parameters of Sustainability and Vitality. While researching this new field we will be looking also at Life, Death, Symbiosis, Fragmentation and Diversity, as well as 'Good' and 'Evil' (at least in human history), as emerging quantitative phenomena.

Fields of ImportanceEdit

The history of science itself has been pushed and pulled by human teleology. Neuron synapses disappeared when it seemed like they proved vital theory. Gravity and the world being round were disputed because it seemed against religion. Genetics and evolution were discovered by deeply religious believing people with a religious and cultural agenda. And then again, biology and astronomy have had a great push from a strong anti Christian movement, in the USA and much more clearly in the USSR.


Under the Science of Mystery, I wish to piece together many facts in various fields where latent previous events proved eminent for the final consequences, especially if these facts could be noticed and pointed to prior to the event. At the same time, I wish to deal with many cases where "predictions" into the future, or the results of a course of action, currently NOT completed, has a clear effect on the current course of events.

To be completedEdit