Tachyonic Astrology

Tachyonic Astrology is the discipline of Astrology which holds that there are many undetectable superluminal forces at work in the universe ("superluminal" means faster-than-light, or "tachyonic"), in addition to the detectable natural forces (electromagnetism, nuclear forces, etc.), and that these unseen tachyonic forces are the prime movers in astrological influences imposed upon humans by heavenly bodies (also related to the movements of those bodies across the sky, for an Earth-bound observer).

Fundamentally, the superluminal/tachyonic astrological forces have their most obvious impact on the psyche of humans, particularly affecting emotions, unconscious decision-making factors, and spiritual cognition.

One probable tachyonic force, however, has an obvious physical influence, and that is gravity. It is the founding principle of Interdiscipline Synthesis Cosmology (ISC) that gravity is faster-than-light, and is therefore a tachyonic force. From this revelation springs a viable Grand Unified Field Theory, in a relativistic gauge-field format, that actually lends itself to experimental testing, but which is itself just part of a larger Theory of Existence (ToE), that can potentially describe empirically anything we can possibly imagine, including the substance of spirit entities, the actuality of superluminal forces, the true nature of human spirituality, and the spiritual aspects of our existence, along with a host of other natural and supernatural phenomena that have long begged for explanations.

Consequently, Tachyonic Astrology could well evolve into a science dedicated to designing and building apparatus that provides for reproducible experiments on astrological forces.

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Note: To convert any standard object/substance/parameter into its superluminal analog, use my Tachyonics Operator (see link in these Alternative Science pages). This shows how it is possible for any standard field, force, object, ... to have a tachyonic counterpart, but also lays the groundwork for giving possible tachyonic forces, energies, substances, ... that have no direct standard analog (with gravity as a special case).

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