Tachyonic Metaphysics: Understanding the physics of the gods.

Science-Fiction Theory by H. Kurt Richter

Here are some of my results in science-fiction based mathematical research related to the growing trend within the physics community of investigating superluminal phenomena. A conclusion I have drawn from over 30 years of formal and self-motivated research in math, physics, technology, metaphysics, and both natural unexplained and supernatural phenomena, is that gravity is faster-than-light, and is therefore a tachyonic force (search "tachyons", then advanced specific-phrase search "superluminal gravitation"). This revealed to me a viable Grand Unified Field Theory (GUFT), incorporating gravity with the other forces of nature in an empirical (experimentally testable) format; a gauge-field theory, specifying the gravitational exchange particle within a relativisitc quantum-mechanical framework -- making Einsten's theory of General Relativity compatible with modern Quantum Mechanics.

Using this GUFT as a basis, where the concept of Superluminal Gravitation becomes a dominant unifying theme, I next imagined a new natural philosophy called "Interdiscipline Synthesis Cosmology" (ISC); meaning, a cosmological understanding of the universe involving a synthesis of all intellectual and physical disciplines of human endeavor. [A minimum of three disciplines, or disciplinary directions (such as Science, Spirituality, and the Arts), for instance, are required for completeness, in discussing any subject.]

Having a valid and complete ISC (which does not yet exist), we can now suggest that it could support a Theory of Existence (ToE) that renders practically anything we can imagine into experimentally treatable terms (i.e., empirical), including previously unexplained natural and supernatural phenomena, such as the life-force of living things, the seat of emotions, the true basis of the human mind, the actual nature of the other alternate-dimensional aspects of our existence (commonly called our "spiritual aspects"), the substance of spirit creatures and alternate-dimensional aliens, and exactly how it is (experimentally) that astrological energies can affect people, along with an array of other mysterious phenomena.

It is just such an ISC-ToE that represents the veritable "physics of the gods", made understandable, while, as would be required, of course, enabling experimental testing, and beneficial applications directions.

This all depends, however, on adopting the main underlying proposal; that gravity is faster-than-light. The rest follows by logical inference, and essentially provides for a "tachyonic metaphysics", the said ISC-ToE, which is, by definition, expressed in empirical form.

In short, Tachyonic Metaphysics includes, but is not limited to, practical application of an ISC-ToE in experimental investigations into supernatural phenomena.

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